Slutty Book Reports: Radical Womanhood

My readers have voted and a winner has been chosen! The first book I read will be Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World by Carolyn McCulley.
I’ll spend the next week reading, highlighting and pondering over the pages, as well as putting together a candid review by next Monday.

I’m genuinely excited about this project, because while I was skimming through it I noticed something which  jumped out at me on almost every chapter. I’ve been out of the conservative religious movement for so long that some of these concepts of womanhood seem like I am holding an artifact found on an alien planet somewhere. However, I’ll do my best to read it with an open mind so the product you get from me isn’t entirely tendentious. If you have the time to kindly read these words I’m slinging together, then I will gladly do my due diligence in investigation.

My first impressions are pretty strong. Anyone who designs a book cover using a stiletto for the ‘i’ in ‘radical’ means serious business. You have my full attention, Mrs. McCulley.
Well, after Mr. Grudem has his say in the foreword anyway. A woman has to know her place.
What fascinates me is just from the cover I can tell the author has a skewed concept of what “feminism” means. She is probably imagining the bra-burning, acerbic kind who keep their legs uncrossed, their pits unshaven and their opinions loud. In reality, anyone who believes women should receive equal privelidges and opportunities as men is a feminist. That is the definition, you see. There is not a picture of Gloria Steinem with a severed baby head in her mouth next to the word in Websters. Feminine and feminist are not mutually exclusive.

The back cover is equally intriguing.

Written by a former feminist? So, she formerly believed in equal rights for men and women? I have to know more about this “pro-woman” truth of the Bible. As my new blogger buddy at Midori Skies pointed out, the Bible isn’t historically known to be very female friendly. Rape you very much!

I’m trying to mentally get past the defenses which automatically start to come up when I see something so misguided. I will read this book, and I will learn what it means to be a woman according to God’s gracious design. And I will tell you all about the experience.

Wish me luck!


3 responses to “Slutty Book Reports: Radical Womanhood

  1. It’s interesting to me that the publisher is Moody. They published Jeff Goins’ book Wrecked. I’m very interested to see what you have to say about this. Consider posting notes you make in the book to your twitter / instagram 🙂

    • that’s an excellent idea! Thank you very much. And it sounds like Moody has a very specific demographic of readership. Not altogether surprising when considering their web site’s stated mission is
      “to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and a biblical worldview in such creative and powerful ways that individuals worldwide will live in increasing measure as His fully-devoted followers. Our mission is to educate and edify the Christian and to evangelize the non-Christian by ethically publishing conservative, evangelical Christian literature and other media for all ages around the world, and to help provide resources for Moody Bible Institute in its training of future Christian leaders.”

      The book is approx. 200 pages, so I’m pacing myself about 28 per day and taking notes in the margins. LOL!

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