Slutty Book Reports: Radical Womanhood (7/7)

The end is finally here, faithful readers. You now have in front of you the final installment in the maiden voyage of my slutty book reports. The response and interaction from other bloggers, friends, atheists and theists alike has been beyond awesome. So, mucho gusto!
If this is the first you’ve seen of my series on Carolyn McCulley’s anti-feminist hyper-Christian book Radical Womanhood, then please feel free to catch up with the previous 6.

The final chapter of the book is absolutely my favorite. The whole thing has been juicy, and well worth the extra time spent on divvying it up into 7 parts, but this takes the cake. It’s title is “Raunch Culture Rip Off“, which by itself is enough to make it the pinnacle of my reading experience. Carolyn lets us know right off that this chapter is not acceptable for young girls to read, never mind that her idea of a naughty adventure is washing her socks without first matching them to their mates.

What is a raunch culture rip off, you might ask? Carolyn likens it to the proverbial frog-in-a-pot-of-boiling-water scenario. Only, with sex instead of water. So, its the proverbial frog in Hugh Hefner’s hot tub.

We live in a culture of hyper aggressive female sexuality, which is arguably the worst ever in recorded history. Those who promote this view often publish books and magazine articles with vulgar titles and references, stating that they are “reclaiming” the word for feminism.

In Carolyn’s view, this is ever-evident in the sex-scandal saturated media, shows like Girls Gone Wild, and the “porn-positive theories which are a huge part of third wave feminism. Third wave feminists have also embraced a fluid concept of gender and reject a universal definition of femininity.”

For this reason, it’s near impossible to find entertainment and clothing which is attractive yet modest. Carolyn believes with all her might that “ The Judeo-Christian perspective celebrates female sexuality, therefore, we have all the more reason to pipe up when female sexuality is distorted and abused in our society.”

What about men’s sexuality? I’m certainly no novice to boy libido, in fact, I’m quite a fan of it. There is certainly a bell curve when it comes to visual stimulation, and porn does play a role in that, but I find it insulting to suggest that the ready availability of porn on the internet and sensual elements to pop culture have turned men into sex zombies. That sounds like catering to an extreme. Indeed, Carolyn uses serial-rapist Ted Bundy as a ready example of what happens to men when they get too engrossed in the porn culture. Come on, really? Even that controversial interview he gave in prison to James Dobson is considered highly improbable. Researchers generally agree that Bundy’s sudden condemnation of pornography was one last manipulative attempt to forestall his execution by catering to Dobson’s agenda as a longtime anti-pornography advocate, telling him precisely what he wanted to hear.

My take on porn comes largely from the position of a woman who is not threatened or shamed through sexual expression. Porn certainly can give young men an unrealistically hyper version of what intimacy and sex is, but it can also be quite useful.

I remember borrowing an old boyfriend’s laptop and finding a window full of tabs from a recent spank bank sojourn. My initial reaction was surprise (and amusement), but when I took a closer look, it gave me ample insight into his sexual fantasies and appetites.

While I agree with Carolyn that young girls should enjoy being young girls instead of trying to grow up too quickly, I think it’s silly to assume strict abstinence “education” will satisfy the curiosity of the adolescent mind. If anything, creating a taboo will only add kindling to the fire. It sure as Hell did for me.

I also somewhat agree with Carolyn about modesty, but for entirely different reasons. You generally will find me in what I call “comfortable chic” clothing. With the exception of my modeling lingerie and shoes, you’ll rarely find me in skin tight, ultra-short clothing. This is mainly because it’s just not comfortable for everyday wear. No one wants to have to trim their tampon strings so they don’t hang lower than your dress hem!

I also get hit on more than I would like, and if I dress like Jenna Jameson, this only happens more often. Situations like this usually involve me taking desperate measures to dissuade the interest, so I generally don’t dress my already heinously attractive body in such a way as to incite the passions of undesirable candidates. It just makes logical sense.

Carolyn fears that women are pressured to act more provocatively these days, because they think its required of them to get male attention. If this is the case, and men demand women to behave like porn stars in order to show them some love, why the Hell are they hitting on me at the laundromat when I haven’t showered and I’m wearing my sweat pants and $3 Hanes old man t-shirts? Thats unlike any freak show I’ve ever seen.

Maybe I’m just so conditioned by the culture that I don’t realize I’m actually turning heads with the way I separate my whites.

My argument is this: the problem is not the culture, its the perspective of an individual. While we may be impressionable, we still choose how we use or are used in sex.
I talk very candidly with male and female friends about sexual escapades without there being any expectation of me being promiscuous with them later. I give respect, and demand it in return.

If you don’t have self esteem and flash your tits to a camera to feel better about yourself, then that’s not good. However, if you flash your tits because you know everyone and their brother might want to fuck you, but it will only be a fantasy in their highlight reel because you have standards….well…that’s real feminism.


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