It’s Slutty Book Report Time!

It’s book review voting time again, folks! I’ve added some new books to the mix, a few of which are actually not Evangelical themed. One was suggested by a couple of Christian friends on my Atheist Slut Facebook page. Another was given to me by my awesome aunt. Getting recommendations from my readers has been a very enlightening experience, because regardless of if we all agree or not, the dialogue is continued and minds are broadened.

Here’s the lineup for this week with their descriptions (as well as link to the pages for the books):

Mere Christianity

In 1941 England, when all hope was threatened by the inhumanity of war, C. S. Lewis was invited to give a series of radio lectures addressing the central issues of Christianity. More than half a century later, these talks continue to retain their poignancy. First heard as informal radio broadcasts on the BBC, the lectures were published as three books and subsequently combined as Mere Christianity. C. S. Lewis proves that “at the center of each there is something, or a Someone, who against all divergences of belief, all differences of temperament, all memories of mutual persecution, speaks with the same voice,” rejecting the boundaries that divide Christianity’s many denominations. This twentieth century masterpiece provides an unequaled opportunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to hear a powerful, rational case for the Christian faith.

The Wild Girl’s Club: Tales From Below the Belt
“Talking dirty” is a stereotypically male province, but here Details columnist Radakovich sets out to prove “girls” can do it too. This is hardly a revelation to most women, but then these tales of the author’s own life as a single woman in search of lust and love in the 1990s were plainly written with a male audience in mind. Radakovich’s purpose seems to be at once to educate men about the disjunction between female stereotypes and real women and to provide voyeuristic titillation by inviting readers to follow the minutiae of her sexual, and sometimes her scatological, activity. Her writing is uneven–pieces range from amusing and insightful to rambling and banal. For example, it should come as no surprise to anyone that you’re not likely to meet Mr. Right through the personals or on a singles cruise, but Radacovich records her own negative experiences with these and other mate-seeking endeavors in lengthy, all-too-familiar detail. And the collection as a whole doesn’t cohere except in the loosest sense. But Radakovich’s insistence that it’s okay for women to be as gleefully prurient as men can be and that men shouldn’t feel threatened by such behavior is a point well taken and the book is a quick and sometimes very funny read.

Why I Believe

In this powerful declaration of what Christians believe and why, Kennedy explores the foundations of the Christian faith. For new believers and seasoned Christians alike, this book will strengthen their faith by answering that all consuming question, “Why?”

The Right Romance in Marriage
Did your courtship end the moment you said, “I do”? Cathy Rice’s devoted husband affectionately calls her his “princess.” Almost every woman dreams of having her man think of her as his princess and Cathy tells you how you can make it so in your marriage. This is truly a “how to” book that tells you how to have the right romance in marriage and how to keep it sparkling fresh.


I am very excited to see which book y’all pick for me this time around. Pretty much all of these would be fun to get into, so I wait with breath that is baited! Below is the poll to let me know your choice. Feel free to share this or ask any questions here, on Facebook, or my Twitter!


3 responses to “It’s Slutty Book Report Time!

  1. I remember reading Mere Christianity in high school and it really impacted me at the time. However, I remember many things (such as his views on original sin and damnation) confused me. As an atheist, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on serious doctrine and theological issues. Love this. Keep up the great work!

  2. Mere Christianity strikes me as one of the more intellectual books on this list. I haven’t read it, though I have read Surprised By Joy which was thoroughly unconvincing. MC is said to have the false trichotomy of “Lord, Liar, Lunatic”, a topic on which I would love to hear your take. Happy reading!

    • Hmm, that’s interesting. It does seem intellectual, and I’d be interested to see how he frames his argument for Christianity as opposed to Buddhism, Jainsim or any other religion that is supposed to be “more good than bad.”

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