Poll: Which Religious Dating Sites Should I Sign Up With?

First things first; I am not looking for internet love. I merely want insight as an atheist into what all these religious people are gabbing about. Are these sites an effective way for religious people to network and mate or is it merely a pipe dream?  A quick google search showed there are no shortage of ways a pious woman of the Lord can find her future soul mate/investment banker husband.

So, with that in mind, I need a little feedback. A few weeks ago, I introduced the idea of doing a slutty online dating report, and got a tremendous positive response from you guys. Now I need a few questions answered in order to target this project effectively. Should I stick to Christian sites, or do I do an assortment (muslim, Jewish, etc)? Or should I just not worry about religion altogether and just stick to the big guns dating sites? I could see how it could be funny either way. I’d appreciate your feedback on this poll as well as comments.

Thanks so much!


9 responses to “Poll: Which Religious Dating Sites Should I Sign Up With?

  1. I’m not quite sure, I think any dating site would be funny. What I found amusing tinkering around dating sites is some of the male screen names! lol

    Some of them had screen names to reflect how good they are in bed, how compassionate they are and some reflected their supposed virility. lmao 😀

    • That’s hilarious. It’s all what it comes down to, isn’t it? The women are all “LittlePuppy213” or “SweetGurrrl18” and the guys are “BigTool4U” and “Sugardaddy10”. Makes me smile. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I think it all depends on if you’re looking for shits and giggles or looking to follow through for cheap one night thrills. For the former, I think religious dating sites will provide endless entertainment. On Christian dating sites, I would imagine the men would have to tone down the big dong screen names and focus on wholesome sweaters. It’s the Christians on secular sites that tend to talk about their box munching skills. Seek out the most devout guys for the weird fetishes. If you want a guy who will dress up like his mother, blow his load after 15 seconds of licking the back of your knee, and finish off by crying for three hours, pick the guy with the biggest crucifix in the background of his profile picture.

    • that is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. The bigger the crucifix, the bigger the freak!! I think I agree with you. I can’t undertake something like this without the right amount of comic relief.

      • I’m glad I could help. I would like to point out that if you’re looking for a marathon sexual experience for the history books, a 28 – 40 year old Christian female divorcee is the way to go. 10+ years of dull Christian sex coupled with the guilt instilled on women makes for an explosive cocktail.

        By the way, thanks for following my blog. I’m glad you dig it. I just started browsing yours. It’s fun so far.

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