Slutty Book Reports: The new winner has been chosen

Greetings fellow seekers of uninhibited truth!

It’s that time again: the latest book has been voted on and the winner is : Mere Christianity by CS Lewis!

I have very little experience with Mr. Lewis, other than reading the Chronicles of Narnia as a child, and then Screwtape Letters as a young adult. I know his fictional works were lively and engaging, but I’m not exactly sure what to expect with his intellectual arguments in favor of the Christian religion. I also know that the executor of his estate had the same full name as someone I dated for years. Small frickin’ world.

This book was suggested to me by two friends, both of whom believe the viewpoint posited by the author will be most edifying for an atheist. I borrowed the book from the library of the same friend who got me started on the slutty book reports to begin with, and thusly armed I shall venture forth into the abyss…..!

Seriously though, I’m excited about the book. Both because I want my readers to know I will take on anything you can throw at me, and I’m openminded enough to learn from the literary merits of people whom I may not think I’d agree with.

I guess my main concern is how Lewis will argue that Christianity is the ideal religion, as opposed to say Buddhism or Hinduism or Pastafarianism for that matter. Simply saying “Because of Jesus” or “we just have to trust faith” or “I had a conversation with the Lord” isn’t going t cut it for me. I need facts. I need strong, logical arguments. I do not need touchy feely attempts to mollify reason in favor of “the greater good.”

That said, I’m ready and excited to embark on this new quest. See my review next week!

Thanks for tuning in!



2 responses to “Slutty Book Reports: The new winner has been chosen

  1. Good luck! I read Mere Christianity as a believer, and then later as a skeptic. I was very impressed with C.S. Lewis’s argument when I was a believer, and thought I’d read it again as an atheist to see if it would present any serious challenges to my newly formed conclusions. It didn’t…as it turns out, Lewis’s whole argument hinges on the idea that since we have a sense of morality/fairness there must be a God. Refute that, and his whole argument falls. But don’t take my word for it. I’ll be watching for your review 🙂

    • Wow, thanks for the insight! That’s extremely helpful information. I’ll keep my eye out for that argument/theme. It’s almost like theists want to reach a conclusion about Christianity so badly they’ll shape their perceptions however necessary.

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