Why I Don’t Entertain Trolls


Every so often, some angsty little being finds himself on my corner of the web and soils himself with rage at what he reads. All this energy he then directs towards rubbing out this massive load of a comment. I’m always simultaneously flattered and embarrassed for the toll when this happens.

Flattered, because when I’m perusing new blogs, I rarely take the time to actually hunt down the author’s facebook and twitter and then include personal barbs about their lives in the aforementioned comment. That takes time, and while they’re desperately trying to belittle me, it actually says they cared enough to waste a couple hours reading every post on every other blog of mine they could track down. Without realizing it, our trolls are often our biggest fans.

But, I’m also embarrassed, because it makes me question what kind of intense ennui this person is grappling with in their life in order to be able to spend so much time immersed in mine. Sucky job? Avoiding naggy wife? Desperately craving fellatio? Forgot to take meds?

Also, when will theist trolls learn that quoting massive amounts of Scripture at us will NOT lead to some magnificent revelation? As atheists, we do not hold the Bible in the same high esteem, and strong words which condemn us for not believing as they do are virtually ineffective. This is not a debate. This is regurgitating from some old book. The rote recitation of Bible passages is usually followed with insults and invitations for digital fisticuffs.

This is the part that really gets me.

I greatly value my time, and conjunctly, the time of others. If you take the time to comment on my blog, I’m grateful, even if you just want me to know I’m a spineless speck of spider spit.
However, don’t think that just because you have the time to QWERTY me into oblivion, that I will respond with equal vigor. I’ve seen some atheist bloggers do this, and it turns into this circlejerk clusterfuck of “reason above all else” versus “I know God exists because I just know. Don’t you dare insult what I know in the depths of my being to be true through personal Divine Revelation.” It’s fucking exhausting and I don’t have time for it.

I’ve had some enlightening debates with people who are far more educated than I on matters of theology and philosophy, but what we’ve always had in common was respect and the ability to agree to disagree when an impasse was reached. Dealing with trolls is much different than debating with scholars. It is neither challenging nor beneficial in any way. It can be momentarily amusing when my friends and fellow atheist bloggers jump on their ass and instigate a hasty retreat on the part of the troll, but afterwards I always feel like I participated in a game of “I know YOU are but what am I? *phbbbbtttt!*”

So, in conclusion, the reason I’m running this blog is certainly to be provocative and shocking, but not to rabble rouse. If you’d like to debate with me, by all means, I accept with gusto. I’m proud of my atheism and my sluttiness! But, a debate is a respectful sharing of ideas, not a shouting contest.

Can I get a rAmen?


4 responses to “Why I Don’t Entertain Trolls

  1. And the Jezebel is PROUD of her sin. She will be cast out and the righteous who reject her shall be exalted.

    Don’t you know about the Dead Sea Scrolls!?? Ye who reject the truth will be vomitted out of God’s mouth.

  2. I’ve got three Christian bloggers following me. Only one of them has said anything. He asked if I would post his rebuttal to my Mere Christianity post. I said yes and am still waiting. Another is a kid who looks like he’s 15 and didn’t approve a comment I put on his blog.

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