Dick Sucking Jews

It sounds like a crude stereotype at first, doesn’t it?

Almost like something you’d expect to be followed by some racist wisecrack about money. But, no. I’m talking about actual dicks. Baby Jew dicks to be exact.

You see, it’s a religious practice of some Jewish sects for the rabbi to suck the blood from the newly circumcised penis of their infants. You read that right. A grown man slurps blood off of a baby’s newly shorn genitals. People watch. Nobody thinks this is weird. Some folks even clap at the tradition, while the child is screaming.

Perhaps its because I can look at things without “well-that’s-just-their-religion” politically correct glasses since I embraced my atheism, but that’s fucking insane. No one in their right mind would think to do that unless it was a religious practice which people had thousands of years to condition themselves to think is normal.

Now, even if you can get your head around the baby fellatio, imagine what goes horribly wrong when a rabbi with herpes gets his saliva on the open wound. Sores on the scrotum, brain damage and even death have occurred. Since the infant hasn’t really had time to develop his immune system, all kinds of horrific side effects can come from being exposed to the virus.

The counter-argument is that this has been done for thousands of years and only a small percentage of babies have had negative (detrimental?) side effects.
Try telling that to the mother of a child who is permanently damaged from a fucking disgusting ritual. “Oh, but you’re the minority. It’s all good.”

Don’t get me started on my thoughts about circumcision, but if you’re determined to hack a chunk of your baby’s schmeckel off, why not get a cloth or something to wipe the blood off? Why suck it? Who came up with that?

Eat a pig and you’re a heathen, but be a pig and it’s tradition. My apologies to any actual pigs who are insulted by this comparison.


8 responses to “Dick Sucking Jews

  1. My apologies to any actual pigs who are insulted by this comparison.

    That really is a classic.
    It is only the religious who can come up with such crazy things or people steeped in culture.

  2. The dick-sucking Jews I’ve met in my life have all be rather pleasant to be around.
    All joking aside,
    Bloomberg refused to take up the issue in New York when it first came up because it was an election year.

  3. Just another example of how politics can controll media! If this had been the “guy next door”, maybe a minority or anyone non Jew there would be worldwide prosecution with total coverage. These criminal sick perverts use this as an excuse to perform oral sex on infants. This is criminal on every level and anyone whose all right with it is a sick criminal pervert as well!! Die sick Jew perverts!!!

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