National Masturbation Month

Thanks to my friend and Atheist Slut contributor Whiteshoulders, I learned that May is National Masturbation Month, as dedicated by The Body Is Not An Apology, an organization that describes themselves as

” a motley crue of people across the globe who have decided to live unapologetically in their own skin. This decision was made regardless of body type, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, age or any other difference. By simply being on this page you have joined the posse. Unapologetic Posse members:Work to dismantle their personal body shame by reminding themselves of their individual amazingness on a regular basisHelp their friends and loved ones see how body shame is keeping them from living their best lives and encourage them to live unapologetic existences
Share information, resources, and inspiration with each other as we all take the journey toward radical unapologetic self love!”

They have a badass logo and everything.


For further health benefits of flying solo, you can read on here

So, let’s make May the month you show some self love to your body, as well as the wobbly bits of the one(s) you love. Or, Hell, a sexy stranger who smells nice.

I call for 30 days of empty balls and full hearts!

5 responses to “National Masturbation Month

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  2. as woody Allen said…”don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone I love”

    ..and while we’re at it, he also saidthat sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go, it’s the best there is!

    Nice blog you have here.

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