Penis Noodles

So, my roommate went to Rome and brought these back for me. Note there are both white and dark phalluses. My heart is full and my life is complete.


One has to wonder, though, why America isn’t this cool?!

I plan to cook these al dente with a thick cream sauce.

Alright, you may carry on with your day now.


8 responses to “Penis Noodles

  1. I want these so I can be a dick and surprise my flatmates with a delicious pasta meal of a somewhat noodly appearence delivered wearing only my apron with all the cockiness of a naked chef. No phallacious testimony will be given on such a meal. Ok i’m done, wordplay quota met for today.

    • This comment made my day! What flat mates wouldn’t love a good jest like this? It would be both nutritious and delicious, and the added nudity could only bring added merriment! Sexy naked chefs for the win!

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