Alright, Internet, Calm Down

The internet is a wondrous place where people from all over the globe and come together and call each other faggots for expressing opinions.  I foresee a future where the word “faggot” will be completely redefined as, “Any man with whom you disagree.”  It will become an everyday usage in every area of life.  “Bill, I find that your fiscal projections fail to take into account fluctuating markets in Malaysia, faggot.”  The definition is only applicable for men because when it’s a woman committing the grievous error of sharing an idea online, the go-to rebuttal is threatening, or wishing rape upon the offending cunt.  And while faggots are usually allowed to go about their business once they’re made to understand what colossal faggots they really are, cunts who need to be raped tend to endure more sustained attacks from all sides, but only if said cunt is pointing out that women are treated unfairly in one area or another.

A couple months ago, the focus of internet ire was Anita Sarkeesian, a woman who clearly couldn’t find a husband so she took to the web to utterly destroy the video game industry.  So vile and poisonous was her blasphemous rant, that the lives of countless gamers are forever ruined.  By pointing out that video games tend to objectify women, she has shaken our entire way of life to its very foundation and the internet has decided to stand up to this feminine Goliath.  Their primary mode of attack is calling her bitch, cunt, whore, and tweeting rape threats in all caps.  These are the most reliable methods of dismantling an idea on the internet without making the poster look like a drooling mongoloid fuckwit.  Because Sarkeesian is a vicious monster spewing hateful rants against all things male and certainly not, say, an intelligent woman who feels that women could be treated more fairly in pop culture.

Sarkeesian started a Youtube series on her channel Feminist Frequency called Tropes vs. Women.  The first in this series is the Damsel in Distress trope commonly used in the most popular video games.  Not only are women under-represented — despite being 30% (and growing) of gamers over 18 — but they aren’t exactly portrayed in the best light.  Sarkeesian believes that far too many game plots revolve around the damsel in distress or the women in refrigerators tropes.  The basic idea she puts across is that these stories involve taking or breaking the protagonist’s things, dehumanizing women by turning them into objects rather than human beings.

There are holes in her arguments, and the fact that she disabled comments on her videos does raise an eyebrow.  But considering the vile comments elsewhere, it’s easy to see why she wouldn’t want comments on her video.  Sometimes it’s just not worth it.  Often on YouTube, for every, “I disagree with your position and here’s why,” there’s a hundred, “You should be raped in the face, you nigger-faggot.”  But even with that, when you express ideas on any forum, they should be subject to rebuttals, even with the rabid neck-beard population armed with bad words, keyboards and CAPSLOCK.  Anita Sarkeesian’s close scrutiny of pop culture opens her rhetoric up for a whole lot of criticism and even, god forbid, ridicule.  She also tends to go after things that could comfortably sit at the bottom of the list of pressing issues.  In her video about Christmas music, she actually suggests using the songs as a way to discuss feminist issues with your family during Christmas dinner.  There’s always one relative at family gatherings who proselytizes to everyone, and generally no one likes that person.  “Hey everybody, Aunty Anita is going to explain how mashed potatoes and gravy serve to perpetuate the patriarchal worldview again!”  But I doubt anyone in her family will say she needs to get raped over it.

If you removed all of the trolling from the internet, the only thing left would be porn and this.  Obviously one needs to have a thick skin if they’re going to go online and say anything.  But there’s a difference between typical trolling and what’s going on with women all over the web.  There’s a difference in reactions when men speak out versus when women do.  The gender bias is obvious.

Last Thursday, Jezebel writer Lindy West did a debate against Jim Norton on Totally Biased with Kamau Bell.  The subject was how and when it’s okay for a stand up comic to do rape jokes.  An old debate really, but it gained new steam two years ago on the heels of an incident involving Daniel Tosh, giving Jezebel a collective boner in that they already hated Tosh.  Anyway, the debate was an interesting one, with Norton coming out ahead.  West is a much better writer than a public speaker.  However, as if attempting a massive campaign to prove her right, every halfwit with a twitter account had to tweet their own rape jokes directed at West.  Men endure harsh treatment for expressing opinions too, but nothing like the backlash against West and Sarkeesian.  Clearly there’s something to feminists’ accusations of misogyny in our culture if a woman is attacked in this way for stating an opinion.  This is an epidemic issue.  Atheist bloggers and convention goers attacked a female blogger that goes by SkepChick in a similar way, simply because she pointed out that women don’t always feel safe at atheist conventions.  These are vocal men who claim to be enlightened, who criticize religion for mistreating women, and claim they don’t need God to be good.  At yet, when their own shortcomings are challenged they attack in the same manner as religious bigots.

That is not to say that arguing against these women is somehow sexist.  By all means, challenge feminist concepts.  Feeling that they’re being oppressed or marginalized doesn’t make them correct about it.  However, if you’re have a respectful debate with someone like Anita Sarkeesian or Lindy West, and everyone else on your side is calling for them to be gang-raped, perhaps you might want to reexamine your side.

Scott is a contributing writer for Atheist Slut, who also keeps a delightful blog over at Check it out, or be devoured by Cthulu!

5 responses to “Alright, Internet, Calm Down

  1. There’s a problem if the only response one can think of is name calling than deal with the content being discussed and it is disheartening when it comes from atheists who claim to know better.

  2. I literally just finished watching the first two Tropes vs. Women videos. I thought they were presented excellently.

    It’s easy enough to say, “Oh, those trolls just need to be ignored, because they’re pathetic,” but it’s something that should be unacceptable. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot that can be done on the internet.

  3. I don’t think you realise how right a person is immediately after they find the CAPS LOCK button and learn that the concept of rape is hurtful. These people are the most right people on the planet, and we should promote them to the position of government officials (where this is not already done).

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