Slutty Book Report: Time To Vote

Alrighty, my slutty readers. I’m officially excited. I basically asked you to do all the work for me: name books that might be interesting to do a S.L.U.T  report on, and now I’m asking you to vote amongst yourselves and decide which tawdry tome gets the spotlight this week.

Much to my surprise and delight, you not only complied with the book suggestions—you blew up my inbox with comments!
I’ve been spending the last hour or so gleaning my favorites from the plethora of intriguing titles.

So far, I have (click for Amazon book description):

God Debris by Scott Adams

Superstition In All Ages by Jean Meslier

Tyranny of God by Joseph Lewis

In Defense of Atheism by Michael Onfray

Theism and Explanation by Gregory Dawes

INFIDEL by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Paradise Lust by Joe Mudak

So, please, by all means take a gander and vote. I will also be posting a poll up on my Facebook page if you prefer. All votes are anonymous, and no results are rigged. I read based solely on what you pick for me.


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