Slutty Book Report: The Votes Are In

I’ve just finished tallying up the votes from this week’s Slutty Book Report, wherein my readers vote on selected books for me to curl up with and review the next week. This week I tried something different, and I let you all have complete control over the reading selection as well as the voting for a winner. I must say, I was impressed with the spread of titles you came up with; we had some erotica, some erudite lit, and some random goodies.

I also opened up the voting process to the Reddit community, and got some fantastic feedback. The redditors raised a very valid point though about picking out “atheist” books as a notoriously godless blogger: why just atheistic themed books?

I know I’m an atheist. You know I’m an atheist. This needs no further elucidation. There’s no need to report on books explaining the process of becoming an atheist. Will I still be reading atheist themed material? Of course. Will there be tomes of the godless persuasion reviewed in the future? Naturally. But I agree its time to diversity a little—which is exactly what was reflected in the books you picked out for me.

Another cool, unexpected thing happened this time around with the voting. The author of one of the books on the list, Joe Mudak, who wrote Paradise Lust, contacted me expressing his gratitude for picking his book as one of the contenders. We chatted a bit, and he inspired me to submit some short erotic stories to some freelance sites. Well, whaddaya know, I got an email back and they bought 2 of my stories for a sweet chunk of change on the spot. It’s not an industry I’d considered much before, but apparently if you can write well and have sexy ideas, there’s a decent market! Intelligent yet stimulating erotic lit; which is not something every wannabe writer can do!

So, without further ado, here were the results for the slutty book report:

God Debris—6

Superstition In All Ages—1

Tyranny of God—1

In Defense of Atheism—1

Theism and Explanation—10


Paradise Lust—8

As you can see, Theism & Explanation beat out the rest by 2 votes. If you look on Amazon, it’s kind of expensive to rent, let alone buy, but fortunately my good blogger buddy Makagutu provided a link where I can read it for free. Feel free to join me in my scholarly quest to delve into the psychology of theism here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re the best. If you could only see the throbbing brain boner you gave me 😉

In addition, because of the general awesomeness of Mr. Mudak, I’ve decided to also purchase and read Paradise Lust, and read about tits and ass after I read T&E.

Thanks so much for voting, encouraging me, and being such an exceptionally slutty group of blog dwellers! Stay tuned for my book report of Theism and Explanation.


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