When Supermodels Find Jesus

So maybe you all have heard about the former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Kylie Bisutti, who left her wings behind to become an advocate of modesty and evangelism?


Let me enlighten you.

In 2011, 21 year old Bisutti won the much-feted Victorias Secret Runway Model competition, and began a lucrative and promising career as a VS Angel. However, she began to notice that part of modeling for a lingerie company is being marketed as a seductive and desirable female. Holy shitcakes! This perturbed her greatly, and clashed with her newfound Christianity. She felt she was committing sins of impurity, because her “sinful side” enjoyed being oggled, but her conscience pricked at her constantly. She was not honoring her Lord Jeebus, nor her husband by letting other men watch her strut by in her bejeweled skivvies. She realized she needed to “guard the hearts” of men who might see pictures of her, and then “struggle with purity”as well as the young girls who looked up to her as a beacon of feminine beauty.

So, she put up her stilettos for good and took up blogging and campaigning against the industry which gave her a platform to stand on. It boggles the mind, really.

The interesting thing about this is men will “struggle with impure thoughts” toward an attractive woman regardless if she’s wearing a pair of fig leaves or a snowsuit. I’ve had dudes approach me in the grocery store and start peacocking when I was wearing sweatpants and one of my $3 old man Hanes work out t-shirts and no makeup. It’s just how dudes are wired. If you appear to be female and are remotely symmetrical, you’ll get the awkward sexually charged tete-a-tetes.

Why are men looking at me?!?

Why are men looking at me?!?

Secondly, who the hell who has ever seen, let alone alone competed in, an underwear modeling extravaganza and still be initially ignorant of the fact that they’re going to be oggled? Did she think she won because of her scintillating personality? Or maybe the Lord just put her name on their hearts?

What’s more likely is her husband  (who I think resembles a grown-up Screech from Saved By The Bell) got uncomfortable with his teen bride’s new career  and told her she was a naughty little slut for making bank based on her ability to sell bras and boners.

Campaign for healthy women of all sizes to be be allowed to participate in mainstream modeling? Hell yes. I’m all there.
But this crock of shit? It really irked me. All this teaches young women (and men) is a version of self esteem coated in guilt and self loathing.

While I was doing my homework for this post and reading about Kylie and her crusade for modesty, I found this website, which promotes “non pornographic lingerie” for Christian couples. In fact, none of their products have actual models.

Image by Three Passions Lingerie. It's like someone took Microsoft Paint and covered up all the skin with this sexy taupe color.

Image by Three Passions Lingerie.
It’s like someone took Microsoft Paint and covered up all the skin with this sexy taupe color.

Even the mens “unmentionables” (which aren’t terribly different from what you’d find at a standard department store) don’t have actual skin in the photographs. Check it out. I got quite a giggle. These fundies think of everything!



8 responses to “When Supermodels Find Jesus

  1. Wow, I followed the link to her blog and I must reiterate, wow. i hadn’t heard of this and I am happier/more pissed off for the new knowledge so, thank you. I too have the sneaking suspicion that her little hairy man couldn’t handle the pressure of her chosen career. “Honey, the lord wouldn’t want my bros being able to see so much of you. That would make the lord uncomfortable and jealous baby”. Now that I have seen the site for the non-pornographic lingerie I am disturbingly drawn to my flat, grey bathroom wall, oh what a sinful choice in paint.

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