Be a ho….for your country

So, imagine its wartime in Japan and you have a vagina.

Your government has shipped off all its eligible young men to be shot at, barbecued, obliterated and frozen in the name of patriotism. Those that return with their penises intact need some kind of encouragement to keep up their morale. And now they turn to you.

What could you do for your men in uniform, you might ask?

Cook? Clean? Darn socks?

No, no, no, silly girl. Something that will make the men want to die another day. We’re talking about some ‘tang for Chang. Doesn’t matter if you want to or not. We will put your red dot on our flags, literally.

During World War II, over 200,000 Japanese, Korean and Filipino women were forced into prostitution by their government. They were called “comfort women” and they had one purpose; to be the willing sex slaves of their soldiers as a way to “maintain discipline” in the ranks. It didn’t matter if they were married, single, pregnant, young or old. It was a time that modern day Japan shudders to include in its history.

70 years later, victims demand an apology from their government, only to receive a shocking statement from Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto in front of Japanese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea. The role was harsh, but it was “necessary.”

“To maintain discipline in the military, it must have been necessary at that time,” said Hashimoto. “For soldiers who risked their lives in circumstances where bullets are flying around like rain and wind, if you want them to get some rest, a comfort women system was necessary. That’s clear to anyone.”

Necessary? Clear? To anyone?

Unless your honorable chopstick is constantly in your line of vision while you’re trying to fire your weapon and you need both hands free to serve your country, who the Hell is he kidding?

Good lord. I’m trying to imagine being in the place of those women. I think I’d invent some kind of pronged device you could fit into your vagina so the cock could side in, but once it tried to pull out, it would get sliced off. Much like the movie Teeth. Every rose has its thorns, fuckers.

But seriously, in what fucked up world do we try to instill a sense of necessity or obligation towards a time of abuse? I apologize to Japanese women everywhere, and I’m not even a man. In America in the 40’s, there sure was prostitution, but can you imagine putting that shit on a war bond? Pussy for POWs? Uncle Sam needs YOU to spread like margarine (we still need the butter)? Fuck.

Many thanks to Joe for the idea for this post.

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9 responses to “Be a ho….for your country

  1. First, there is a prototype “anti-rape” vaginal sleeve called the RapeX that does exactly what you are describing. Pretty much a penis bear trap.

    Also super surprised you didn’t mention the Germans in this post. During WWII the Third Reich set up a mandatory reproductive program to basically keep as many fertile “pure Aryan” women knocked up as often as possible–again this program was mandatory–and amounted to little more than baby farming.

    On top of that they built and ran brothels along the battle lines (for soldiers) and Jewish only brothels in the concentration camps themselves. The concentration camp brothels were used as an “incentive” for highly skilled prisoners to work on Nazi engineering projects and coupons (you can’t make this up) were handed out good for use in the brothels which where staffed by the prisoners deemed most attractive. The prostitutes were given extra food, nylons, and scarce treats such as chocolate for their trouble. Occasionally the brothels were also used to “re-educate” homosexuals who were forced to visit regularly.

    Sex and war have always gone together. The word “hooker” comes from the US Civil War and is named for a certain general who provide girls for his men.

    • I had no idea about General Hooker! That is too funny!! Learn something new every day. Can you imagine the selection process to find which prisoners were deemed most attractive? Jeez.

  2. It’s such an inexcusable and depressing statement. I can’t imagine it being reflective of mainstream Japanese attitudes or culture.

  3. I can only assume that a man who would make a statement like that would, to some extent, be a rape apologist in certain situations today. Repugnant. I hope he’s forced to make a humiliating apology and resignation.

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