Slutty Book Report Update!

Greetings my fellow seekers of uninhibited truth!

I have some exciting news! Yesterday I was approached by a literary agent for a book called Why Atheists Love Breasts by Rinth de Shadley. He wanted to know if I’d be interested in reviewing it for my lovely readers. I took a gander at its Amazon description and decided not only would it be a fun read, but just the kind of book I’d like to add to my Slutty Book Reports!

For those of you just joining me here, I choose a bunch of interesting looking books (usually about once a month; sometimes more, sometimes less) and then ask my readers to vote on their favorite from the lineup. After you pick a winner, I read and review it. My process has evolved over time; I now let my readers have complete autonomy over the process from the selection of the books to the lucky winner.

This time however, you guys don’t have to do any of the work. We like atheism, and we definitely like breasts, so why the non-existent Hell not?

Here is the copy-and-pasted text from Amazon:

Why do atheists love breasts? Why should you never have sex in a graveyard? Is “Gossip Girl’s” Blake Lively fat or just curvy? Where do human rights come from? Who is crazier, Michele Bachmann or Lindsay Lohan? Can you publish a book that mixes sex, politics, study tips, philosophy, hypnotism, neuroscience, and really awful poetry?

And can you use an expensive scientific calculator for pleasures more physical than educational?

Those are questions that all serious people avoid. But they obsess Rinth de Shadley, who graduated from a top-tier women’s college.

She hopes that you read this book. And that her mother doesn’t.

What do you think? Apparently this young woman has a point of view of an agnostic, but is an avowed Catholic (?). This intrigues me, because I was raised staunch Catholic as well and evolved into, well, not remotely Catholic.  I am starting reading today, and hopefully will be able to chock out my musings in the near future. Stay tuned!

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