I’m baaaack!

When in the course of human events (including giant dramatic shit-storms)….it sometimes becomes necessary to stop blogging, breathe and reboot.

That’s the easy explanation.

The truth is I never planned on re-opening this little corner of the internet. I’ll spare you the ugly details, but I upset someone(s) with the content of a certain post(s) and spent the last 8 months doing damage control. After the dust settled, I still was resigned to not pick up my hyperbolic pen again. Until something wonderful happened:

Old friends started mentioning to me how much this little blog had entertained, inspired, enlightened or just filled a void of freethought for them. They told me they missed it. That they enjoyed what I had to say. I told a new friend about the concept, and was pleasantly surprised to find the reaction very positive rather than repulsive or shameful. I have received overwhelming encouragement to do something I love: write what I think. For better or worse.

So, for all the people who are opposed to this blog for the various reasons, know I will never personally mention them or even allude to their existence on here again. This is just for me. A thinkspace. Not an angry rant or wringing my fist at the sky, angry at a God I don’t believe in. This is just me and my musings of things I observe and making sense of my short little stint on this beautiful planet.

Thanks for listening.

(PS— I’m working on renovating the page so please be patient if old links, pics, etc aren’t working like the used to.)


16 responses to “I’m baaaack!

      • I can’t wait to be entertained again.
        Keep blogging and those who find offence can take the high road and better still read something else unless they really matter to you, then it could be better that they learn to appreciate you love to write if they haven’t as yet.

  1. Welcome back!

    I was looking for that post about your 10 hottest sexual encounters – does it still exist? If not, could you repost? Can’t find it on the Google! 😦 It was a great post!

  2. I disagree with your atheism, but you’re a thought-provoking and funny writer. Your voice has been missed. Welcome back!

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