Slutty Book Report Update: Former Atheist Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Slutty Book Report, and I have the perfect little tome to pick the habit back up.
For those of you who are new blog followers, I do this thing where I’ll either let you folks vote on which book I should read and review, or someone sends me an interesting one and then I review it from the point of view of an open-minded, yet skeptical s.l.u.t.

To see some of the reviews I’ve done in the past and all the fun we’ve had, click here.

This book was suggested to me by a dear blogger friend, who knows about my Catholic upbringing and thought it would be an interesting read. It’s called Not God’s Type, A Rational Academic Finds Radical Faith and is essentially the tale of how an alleged hardened atheist grew to accept Catholicism/ Christianity and how her heart was won over after years of secular thinking.

Truth be told, this book has sat in my kindle for months without me more than reading the summary. It’s somewhat of an intimidating prospect; either its going to be a well-written, challenging take on what value theism brought to this person’s life (if they truly were a rationalist) such as Mere Christianity…..or….it could be a very unsatisfying account of someone who doesn’t really understand what it means to have a lack of belief in “god” based on a need for structured, verifiable evidence. For what it’s worth, I hope its the former. I relish being challenged; I absolutely love looking at concepts through other persons perspectives and then comparing them to my own—this is how I came to be an atheist in the first place. If there is value in a theistic point of view, let her present her case.

Sadly, I have never read a godless-to-godly book that gives me any window into how having “faith” is any better than choosing to actively embrace altruism and compassion towards ourselves and our fellow inhabitants of this earth. So far I have only heard reflections of fear that there is nothing after death, or a need for higher justice towards life’s hardships.

And so it is with high hopes and low expectations that I set forth to check out this book and report my findings to you in a timely fashion.

3 responses to “Slutty Book Report Update: Former Atheist Edition

  1. I tried reading the first few pages and was instantly bored and underwhelmed. Strikes me as a piece of propaganda….but I wish you luck! Just finishing it will get you my utmost respect!

    • Wow! You actually got the book (or a sample) too? Hats off to you for getting in the spirit with me. I’ll do my best. So far I’m having much the same reaction. She seems like religions’ target demographic rather than a hardened skeptic.

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