Slutty Book Report: A Book I’d Actually Like to Read

So, this last slutty book report didn’t quite turn out the way I’d hoped, which was unfortunate. I had high hopes, too. This time around, I’ve decided to review a book I’m actually excited to check out.

It’s called “Night Moves: An Ex-Preacher’s Journey to Hell in a Taxi” by Pat Green. It is based on his blog, Night Moves, and believe me, if you check it out you will be equally hooked by his viscerally honest, fascinating style of narrating things that happen in his cab. The reason this book is so good is it is the exact opposite of what the last book I read was: an honest documentation of a personal struggle with faith and its outcome. It’s raw, it’s real and its powerful. While Holly Ordway discussed how she came to Christianity “kicking and screaming” as a “rational atheist”, Pat documents his life as a successful pastor, eventual fall from grace and the perspective he gained as he realized everything he knew was a lie. And unlike Holly’s bitter reminiscence of L.B.J (life before Jeebus), Pat has a surprisingly optimistic attitude toward adversity.
I first came to know about Pat through the Stuff Christian Culture Likes blog (also hilarious, btw) by Stephanie Drury. This post was about a famous megachurch pastor who Pat had once admired for his humility and dedication to humanitarianism and how in person he was a total dickhead.

Anyway, as soon as I heard he published his book on amazon, I downloaded it and I am super stoked to check it out. If you stop by his blog out and like what you see, please consider downloading it. Pat is a friend, a nonbeliever and a single father trying to make ends meet and I know he could use the namaste.


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