Slutty Book Report Update: Breasts, Atheists and Reviews

One of the perks of being a writer and encountering the blogosphere on a more intimate level (read: building relationships within the atheist community, not allowing each of you access to my nethers) is getting to review godless books!

Awhile ago, I mentioned I had been contacted by a literary agent who asked if I’d be interested in reviewing this book. Now, when I brought this blog back from cyber limbo, I contacted him and asked if he was still interested in my 2 cents. It was flattering to be contacted in the first place, because any chance to get my hands on another book (especially with the words breasts and atheists in the same title) so I figured I’d do him a solid now that I’m back up and running.

For brevity’s sake, here is the original post I made on the subject. I look forward to reading and subsequently slut-ifying it for you all!



6 responses to “Slutty Book Report Update: Breasts, Atheists and Reviews

  1. I will admit, I will usually lose interest in a person’s perception the minute it relies on a false premise. I lost interest in Camus’ myth of syphilis (sysiphes?) The minute he decided science couldn’t be a legitimate tool for examining a worldview because HE misunderstands both science, and the understanding we have on sub-atomic particles. If you have to distort the oppositions viewpoint beyond recognition to prop up your own, I know you have nothing to teach me, because your not engaged with reality.

    What am I on about. “Why atheists love breasts” – “Anyway, why do atheists love breasts?
    Basically, it’s because breasts are material objects and atheists are all about materialism.”

    She gets to this notion based on “physical sciences” can only study the physical and therefore can’t address the question of god. The Non overlapping magestera argument. That one died a horrible death thanks to Hitchens and Dawkins among others.

    Oh and she says there is plenty of evidence for god. Then mislables anecdotes as evidence.

    I hope you can get further than I did, I found myself looking for a red pen to scribble notes and correct these unchecked false representations.

    There are far too many engaging books to read and not enough time. I will attempt it again if your review is positive.

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